The Lay Centre is hiring a full-time Deputy Director

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The Lay Centre is hiring a full-time Deputy Director

All suitable candidates are invited to submit their application for the position of full-time Deputy Director of The Lay Centre.

Job Description: The full-time Deputy Director will provide academic and administrative leadership in collaboration with the Director of The Lay Centre in support of the mission of The Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas.

The Deputy Director will provide executive oversight of (1) administrative functions, (2) student life and formation, (3) the organization of international and local programs and (4) publicity, marketing and public relations. It is anticipated that the Deputy Director will succeed the Director.

The Deputy Director:

  • directly supervises all staff and administrators and, in the absence of the Director, takes full authority and responsibility.
  • is responsible to the Director of The Lay Centre.
  • ideally should have a right to work in Italy.
  • will be fluent in English and preferably have proficiency in Italian.
  • has strong oral and written skills.
  • will have the capacity to promote a Roman Catholic spirituality in an ecumenical and interreligious context, in light of the mission of The Lay Centre.
  • will have at least five years of Church-related or non-profit leadership experience.
  • needs to reside at The Lay Centre or at least live nearby.
  • will have undertaken theological studies at the graduate level. Consideration also will be given to those with an MBA or related graduate degree.
  • The position requires excellent organizational, planning and communication skills, with a proven record of accomplishment in such business expertise.
  • Some experience in fundraising and grant writing is preferred.
  • The position envisions a three-year initial contract, with the anticipation that this Deputy Director will succeed the current Director.


1. Administration

• Prepare the annual budget in coordination with senior staff.

• Monitor monthly and quarterly performance versus budget.

• Develop and update the strategic plan to further the mission of The Lay Centre.

• Oversee the legal and fiscal requirements for Italy and the United States.

• Assist the Director in her responsibilities to report to the Board of Directors.

• Help prepare all materials for annual (and interim) board meetings – including the production of the Director’s annual report.

• Oversee staff and administrators of The Lay Centre and conduct the annual performance review.

• Lead all aspects of hiring new personnel and on-boarding of such individuals.

2. Student Life and Student Formation

• Assist the Director in planning all resident scholar formation activities during the academic year, including weekly formation evenings, public lectures, an annual weekend retreat and cultural events.

• Coordinate resident scholars' activities and projects at The Lay Centre.

• Serve as Academic Advisor:

a. Provide academic advisement to all resident scholars.

b. Meet with each scholar formally each semester and by appointment.

c. Evaluate each scholar’s progress.

d. Interview and provide academic advisement to all prospective scholars and visiting professors.

e. Assist the Director in enhancing the application process for student residents, including

screening and interviewing applicants, and determining acceptances.

3. International and Local Programs

• Collaborate with the Director in the organization of study programs, spiritual opportunities, public lectures and symposia offered during the academic year so that they run smoothly and efficiently.

• Plan the program schedules and symposia topics in collaboration with the Director and Program Coordinator.

• When appropriate, teach or lead an international program.

• Oversee the budgeting and expenses of events.

• Foster contacts for new programs, especially summer programs in collaboration with Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology, Seton Hall.

• Serve as key administrative liaison with Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology.

• Provide semi-annual program assessment.

4. Publicity, Marketing and Public Relations

• Oversee the preparation of all Lay Centre publicity materials for activities, including all print media and web media in collaboration with the communications team.

• Make The Lay Centre visible and known both locally and internationally, especially in colleges and universities to attract quality students.

• Work with the Director to foster relations with various dicasteries, embassies, pontifical universities and NGOs in Rome.

• Represent The Lay Centre at events and meetings when the Director is unavailable, and/or as requested by the Director.


Please send letter of interest and curriculum vitae to Dr. Donna Orsuto and Dr. Dianne Traflet at

The Lay Centre is accepting applications until January 10, 2019.

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